автор: Valka

I am feeling so sad,
Because life is keeping us apart.
I love you in the same way
There is barrier on the highway.

I’m standing on my roof, looking at the sky.
But it seems to be so high.
Like you seem to be so away.
But I hope I’m just going astray.

My pencil is the barrel of a gun.
Reminds me which side you should be on.
I want to do an art
That you will admire at.

I have the picture in my mind.
But nothing in my hand.
And when I draw finally.
The colors will be so lively.

The shades will be so strong.
They won’t change for very long.
I’m just a notch in your bedpost,
But you’re only a shade on a drawing.
And I’m trying to change that shade to
Another you.
Another me.
Another now.

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  1. tva e super stih4e

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